Convocatoria - Call for Papers

Antípodas announces it latest Calls For Papers/Convocatorias:

To be announced.

Instructions to authors


The following criteria are used for the evaluation of articles for publication in Antípodas:

· Each article submitted is sent to three referees, two from the Editorial Board and one who is external to the Editorial Board
· The decision to publish or not to publish is based on the following:
a) Originality and Excellence
b) Addressing a significant issue
c) Scholarly methodology
d) Cogent, well-structured, readable presentation
e) Clearly drawing out the implications of the article’s findings.

To facilitate the formatting of pages, please adhere to these points:

· Articles should be in Word, Times New Roman, font size 12 and double spaced (including notes and bibliography), paper size A4. The page layout should have 2.5 cm margins all around. Articles of more than 4,000 words will not be accepted. The word count includes notes, but not works cited. There should be no more than 10 notes with a maximum of 5 lines per note. Please follow the latest MLA Style Manual.
· Please put an extra return to distinguish one paragraph from the next.
· Do not use two spaces after full stops; one only, please. Do not put a space before punctuation marks, eg, full stops, commas, semi-colons and colons, etc.
· For articles in English, we use UK spelling, not US spelling (eg. colour, not color).
· Single quotes (‘ ’) used only within double quotes (“ ”).
· Pronounceable acronyms preferable in lower case (Unesco, Qantas, radar, laser, etc).
· Proper nouns Caps and lower case, common nouns lower case.
· Numbers up to nine are spelt out, 10 and over are in numerals except at the beginning of a sentence.

• Punctuation is only used within quotation marks if it is part of the original quote

• “em” (long ―) dashes are used with no spaces for long pauses, before and after a relative clause or for dialogues in Spanish

Please do NOT impose your own formatting, such as font sizes, styles and centering, running headers or extra tabs on your articles as it upsets our final formatting.